Summary: bill鸟喙,check阻止,coast滑行,cob雄天鹅,cow恐吓, down羽毛,flag变弱,frame陷害,gravity严肃,lay短诗, moonlight兼职,pen围栏,ring拳击场,row划船,school鱼群, sow母猪,stand货摊,stomach容忍,thread螺纹,upset弄翻,等。

Content: bill noun 1. a bird’s beak 2. the part of a cap that sticks out in front : the visor of a hat

cause noun something (such as an organization, belief, idea, or goal) that a group of people support or fight for

check verb to slow or stop (something or someone ) from doing something

coast verb 1. to move forward using no power or very little power 2. to progress or have success without special effort 3. to move downhill by the force of gravity

cob noun 1. a type of hourse that has short legs 2. a male swan

collected adj not used before a noun : calm and in control of your emotions

continent adj, medical able to control your bladder and bowels

control noun a person, thing, or group that is not treated with something that is being tested in an experiment in order to allow comparison with a treated person, thing, or group

course noun 1. the path or direction that something or someone moves along 2. the normal or regular way that something happens over time 3. used to describe what happens during a period of time or when something is being done 4. a part of a meal that is served separately from other parts

cow verb to make (someone) too afraid to do something

down noun small and very soft feathers

film noun a thin layer on or over the surface of something

flag verb 1. to become weak 2. to become less interesting, attractive, or valuable

fold noun 1. an enclosed area for sheep 2. the fold : a group of people who have a shared faith or interest

forward adj too confident or direct in social situations

founder verb 1 : to experience failure : to be unsuccessful : FAIL 2 : of a boat or ship : to fill with water and sink

frame verb 1 : to produce (something written or spoken) : to express (a question, answer, etc.) in words 2 : to make (an innocent person) appear to be guilty of a crime

friend noun a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)

gay adj old-fashioned : happy and excited

gravity noun a very serious quality or condition : the condition of being grave or serious

hide noun the skin of a usually large animal

lay verb 1. to have sex with someone 2. of a bird, insect, etc. : to product (an egg) outside of the body : to push (an egg) out of the body

past tense of LIE noun 1. a simple narrative poem : ballad 2. melody, song

license noun 1. freedom to act however you want to 2. the freedom of an artist, writer, etc., to change the way something is described or shown in order to product a work of art

moonlight verb to work at a second job in addition to your regular job

pen noun 1. a small enclosed area for farm animals 2. the pen : PRISON

ring noun an area that is used for shows and contests and is surrounded by ropes or a fence

row verb 1. to move a boat through water using oars 2. to carry (someone or something) in a boat that you row 3. Brit : to have a noisy argument with someone

school noun a large group of fish or other ocean animals that are swimming together

sow noun a fully grown female pig

stand noun 1. a strongly held opinion about something 2. a strong effort to defend yourself or oppose something 3. a partially enclosed structure where things are sold or displayed 4. a device or piece of furniture that holds an object in an upright position 5. the stand : the rows of seats in a stadium that people sit in when they are watching a sport event, concert, etc. 6. US: a series of performances, games, etc., that are at a particular place for a period of time

stomach verb 1. to accept or experience (something unpleasant) without becoming sick, upset, etc. 2. to eat (something) without getting a sick or unpleasant feeling in your stomach

thread noun the raised line that winds around a screw

upset verb to cause (something) to fall